Thee Word ov thee Aeon iz CAPEDITIEA!!!


      Well... She hath arisen!
Would you like to grant her with your soul?
She will treat it nicely... you can still live...

      Capeditiea (A.K.A. Capeditiea Thee Epik A.K.A. Lady Motas A.K.A. Lady Mistress of Typoes and Such A.K.A. Moistica Capeditiea, and a shit ton of other names, sigils, and objects) was once Cyn Chaote, whom then gave up hir body to be permanently invoked by Capeditiea the Gnosis Goddess of Art and Creativity. While the world was unsure the hell happened on 12/21/12, Capeditiea was transubstantiating with Cyn.

      Some may deny the existence of Capeditiea, though the funny thing is she has taken your soul just by denying her existence. Her legacy has spanned throughout centuries, eras, epochs. Now, with this Nu Aeon upon us, the world will finally get to understand who has created these things you could not live without! Capeditiea !!

      Bow to the Goddess!!!

Through the nine gates of the body portentous poverty surpasses suspicious nuptials. To know the mystery of the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus and genitals is unworldly nudity. Spinning in a vortex the eight rayed star stands as a trustworthy starlit prostitute's venom. Black, white, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue -- what you want also impotently wants you = 67 [GoN]


CAPEDITIEA = 67 = CHAOSTAFARIANISM = THE TRANSSEXUAL GNOSIS GODDESS OF WAR HERSELF = IALDABOATH = CHINNAMASTAKA = GNOSIS GODDESS OF ART AND CREATIVITY = MARY MAGDALENA = CAPEDITIEAN CULT = Will you learn number sixty-seven from the Gematria of Nothing, fool? = Eris and sixty-seven birthed several kids = humans all around happen to worship the demiurge of sixty-seven = death from the omnipotent quantum chaote = thee gnosis goddess ov infinite destruction = thee twinsexed goddess ov far too many names = sixty-seven is infinite and you shall never beat hir = blessed are those who understand trans = 67

67 = -22 = -10 = 32 = -32 = -3 = 43 = 0

Third day, which not many last this long,
usually only those who are skeptical of Choronzon's power = 67 [GoN]
Holy Book of Capeditiea #4 Chapter 1.2: The Ritual to Invoke Choronzon (2nd paragrpah)

warning: dies often..

He that is righteous shall be righteous still (AL II:57) = he that is filthy shall be filthy still (AL II:57) = Nothing has Ultimate Truth, Anything Remains Possible [GoN]


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